Trade Scales

We have a number of approved scales available, however changes due to BREXIT require us to enforce our obligations under the "placing of goods on the market" as a distributor and as such approved equipment will be supplied to latest 2021 UK legislation

If you require approved  products from our website prior to purchase use our on line contact us form

The UK 2016 Weights and Measures act makes it clear that any approved scale must  have gone through appropriate verification prior to being made available in the UK, in addition we check all scales despatched with certified weights (F1,F2,M1,)  traceable to UK National Standards by certified Local Authorities .

Scales have a "minimum" weight that they will perform to and should be considered, as it's important to select a scale that has enough sensitivity and repeatability for your application, and we'll do our best to help you.

Approved (NAWI) scales are supplied to order to comply with the NEW UK 2016 Weights and Measures act, and can take 7-10 days to build and deemed custom products due to place of use.