We check all scales despatched with certified weights and a calibration certificate can be supplied to meet external auditors quality standards which require  a calibration certificate prior to use, and requires this to be ordered prior to despatch.

All scales we despatch have a calibration sticker applied for self  calibration checks as per your standard operating process may be sufficient

  • Calibration date or check date for approved units
  • Date of Next Calibration due date
  • Serial Number of machine
  • Operation setup for application if known prior to order
  • Prevention from adjustment by unauthorised staff

Any company operating under BRC or SALSA standards will know that with a Quality systems requires records of the scale's calibration needs maintained,  if you require a test certificate prior to placing  in service to maintain quality standards - contact our  service department SERVICE REQUEST

Our standards include either a 5 /16 / 21 point calibration which is designed to check the weighing sensor is within manufacturers tolerances, a simple single point weight check won't detect a broken sensor - especially if the scale is used at a critical control point of your process

Changes made by in-house staff invalidate warranty or test certificates, in the case of trade approved scales - any changes made to the scale after initial date of compliance will require re-certification.