Yantai Super Five  From £225

Yantai Super Five From £225

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Ohaus Ranger 3000 Scales From £425

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Touch Screen  Modular Scales

Touch Screen Modular Scales

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Ohaus Platform Scales  From £335

Ohaus Platform Scales From £335

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Calibration and Repair Services

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Calibration& Repair Service

Scales are initially calibrated at the factory and should be checked prior to use due to gravitational influences of the balance being used in a different place to the original calibration - which may have been overlooked when buying scales from "Drop Shipping"  websites during the pandemic.

However calibration on it's own won't fix a broken scale and where the unit won't power up or works eratically must be  treated as a repair,  we require simple details such as make,  model, capacity  and location in order to assist you - all of which is on the nameplate on the scales.

As businesses start to recover from the pandemic scales which have been out service for over 6 months or NEW purchases should be checked prior to placing back in use, particularly if staff changes have occured as they may not be able to identify if the scales calibration has been checked or meet current legislation.

Scales that have user calibration procedures are often stored temporarily until they are powered down, and may require a SERVICE calibration with fully certified weights to ensure compliance with UK National Standards.

Weighing equipment can lose its accuracy for a variety of reasons such as shock loading (i.e. portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes, hospitals, vans etc.) can cause a change in the reading, or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it. Our engineers test, calibrate, all scales purchased through this website.

Budget scales may be cost effective in a short term but may need calibration checked more often, the use of manufacturers power adaptors is strongly reccomended as damage to the scales electronics may occur.

If you are purchasing for use at critical control points in your process we wouldn't reccomend kitchen bathroom scales for factory use, many of which have no spirit level or means of  calibration adjustment and may be constructed with glass.

Calibration comprises applying certified calibration weights to the capacity of the balance and noting the value as found, and if outwith manufacturers tollerence adjustment may be required

The results cover Minimum weight , Linearity, Eccentrics and Repaeatability thus providing the user with a comprehensive set of results for the customer to check the scale is suitable for purpose for their application.

We have Technical consultants in Glasgow and  Manchester for matters outside normal repairs