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Packing to 2006 Average Weight Regulations

BREXIT now means that any product sold to the EU are subject to be compliance of that countries weights and measures regulations, and the use of NAWI weighing equipment will be required for production and inspection purposes.

We advise you contact your local trading standards, as we know the law but they enforce it.

In order for us to enforce our obligations under the "placing of goods on the market" as a distributor such approved equipment will be supplied to latest 2021 UK legislation.

The following guide shows the nominal weight  of 150g - 500g  the TNE1 is 9g so the approved division (e) should be 0.2 of TNE1 = 1.8g, and the nearest digital unit would be 1g (e) trade Approved.

The sampling methods you are using must be sufficiently accurate for your process to calculate the statistical mean value  taking account of the standard deviation in the formula

Records of the samples taken and  the number of packages in the TNE (Tolerable Negative Error) weight band must also be taken. The values of TNE being calculated via the average weight as detailed in  the 2006 Average weight regulations comprising  percentages and specific weight values based on the nominal quantity , or you could buy scales with this feature built in and record the data onto a USB stick.

Business users can obtain  further advice from UK Goverent website or your weights and measures trading standards officer for your locality.

The  three rules with which packers must comply:
- The NET contents of the packages should not be less, on average, than the nominal quantity
- The Number of packages which are short of the stated quantity by a defined amount -TNE 1 should be less than a specified quantity in the batch size.
- The Number of  packages in TNE 2 should NOT be short by more than twice the TNE1 value which is abreach of the Packers guide and corrections to your process is required

The first  rule is fairly straightforward as its a measured value (weight) and calculated using the standard deviation of the samples.

The second ensures the number of PACKAGES (T1) are within prescribed limits

The third means the NUMBER of PACKAGES (T2) are outwith the "PACKERS" guide and the BATCH has FAILED, rectification of the batch is required and recorded.

We suggest you contact your local Trading Standards Service if packing to Average Weight.