Approved for Trade Scales

All weighing equipment in use for trade must be suitable for its intended purpose and be sufficiently accurate. Non-automatic weighing machines are either 'passed as fit for use for trade' by an inspector of weights and measures (trading standards officer) or an 'approved qualifier'. If the equipment does not bear the stamp or stickers, it must not be used for trade purposes.

We offer a full sales consultancy service prior to order for selecting appropriate models

Scales used in the following applications require to be approved for trade
(a) Commercial transactions based on weight such as buying selling Gold, Silver,Jewelry ,Clothing ,Food,Commercial charges etc
(b) The determination of the amount of certain payments such as tolls or taxes
(c) The purposes of court proceedings and legal requirements;
(d) The weighing of patients for medical purposes
(e) Making up medicines and other medical and pharmaceutical laboratory purposes
(f)  Direct sales to the public and the making up of pre-packages and the determination of price on the basis of weight

The capacity platform size and division must be suitable for the product you are weighing, otherwise it may not be able to use it for commercial purposes.

If any of the above does not cover your application, please contact your local authority trading standards department for advice.

Approved equipment is identified with stickers and a verifiers mark,  product approval Number.  All approved / Verified / Stamped scales comply with the pattern approval they were issued with, to ensure the equipment is within limits affecting zero drift, voltage variances, temperature and humidity and ensures the weighing equipment meets the legal requirements, please also ensure that the scale pattern is still in force for the time you wish to use the scales, as the approval certificate will be valid until a certain date.

Used Equipment may need to be checked prior to placing in use to ensure it still meets current legislation.

Class I and II balances i.e. finer that 1g may exhibit an additional error in the performance of the instrument due to the incremental increase in the value for gravity where calibration is carried out using external weights.

These are ordered for place of use specific for place of use (postcode). Balances can be supplied with internal calibration will automatically compensate for place of use but please use a suitable carry case to protect the equipment.

When the scale is used in trade or a legally controlled application it must be set up, verified and sealed in accordance with local weights and measures regulations. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all pertinent legal requirements are met.