Maintenance Repair & Calibration  - Weighing equipment can loose it's accuracy for a variety of reasons such as shock loading (i.e portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes, hospitals, vans etc) can cause a change in the reading, or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it. We have time served weighing engineers who test, calibrate, adjust, for products purchased through this website are supported with spares when serviced by us, to ensure trouble free weighing.

Annual calibration of equipment provides a  professional audit on the condition of your scales, and helps identify possible undetected errors  or to ensure that in house maintenance is correct, within the manufacturers recommended tolerances.

We also have a Range of hire scales available for weighing, counting and labelling to support our customers as part of our commitment to support customers in event of breakdowns on CCP.

We work with you as an impartial service, without any preference to any manufacture’s product. Many companies have benefited from this service and enabled them to move forward with plans to improve efficiency and control costs

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