Labelling Scales

Labelling Scales

Labelling scales offer proof that the contents are correct as advertised, and not produced on a computer as each weighment is unique.

The retail versions of Cas labellers with remopte software have traceability built into the menu such that information is held in seperate d/bases such that a combination of  country,slaghterhouse,and cutting hall can be easiliy allocated to a traceabilty number thereby reducing operator error as all the information is tranferred to the scales via ethernet (cas 5000, 5500,or wi-fi 7200) modes.

We have  standard programs for retail outlets and commercial / catering establishments i.e. Meat Wholesalers, Cheese Packers, Retail Butchers, Retail take aways etc, where specific information must be printed on labels for consumers, and for third paretly / commercial users that may require codes, batch numbers logos' etc to be printed.

Labelling scales offer users automatic date code calculations, products name, ingredients,allergens and price calculations - this can be based on variable weight or fixed weight without the need of a computer.

Most of our products have an easy label replenishment feature, and if we can program the label formats for you, which is free when we supply your consumables.

However we ask that you forward details of requirement by using our CONTACT FORM

Retail Shop / Market scales (class III) labelling scales, allow you to compute the price of your goods where the customer is present, the scales are sourced and compliant for use within UK including software which suits UK  Authorities.

We have a great deal of experience in this area and we supply these units both in Glasgow and Manchester.



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