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We provide a range of on site service for Weighing equipment from our established service facility next to the M8 coridor providing cost effective solutions for your business.

Weighing equipment can lose it's accuracy for a variety of reasons, the main components may become worn out  (i.e portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes,hospitals,vans etc) can cause a change in the reading, or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it.

There are many reasons (health, safety, invoicing, etc.) that require a proper calibration of weighing scales. Typically Scales used @ Critical Control Points  may need calibration every few months due to the nature of the application .


Our very  competitive Calbasic and Calplus service contracts offer you cost effective calibration facilities and  can be tailored to suit the demands of your operational needs for a competive quote,


Rental scales can often be a quick alternative to purchase, particularly if the application is un proven or a one off , we have a range of hire scales for short and long term hire ranging from a few grams to 2 tonnes, plus on site delivery at short notice typical applications include;

Average Quantity Systems, weighing ,general  counting scales, moisture analysers, precision counting, weighing.

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