COVID-19 - Updated 15/07/2020

Our thanks to our Suppliers in UK and EU for their support during this time where we were carrying out calibrations and repairs via our collect and return service from our established service facilities in Glasgow, as advised by Trading Standards in line with Scottish Government guidlines.

On site work has beeen resumed, owners of the business must ensure that factory workers exercise Social Distancing at 2 metres the scale locations, or where PPE is used this can be 1 Metre,  and any health declarations must be forwarded to us prior to sheduled visit.

If our engineers feel unsafe with the site conditions, they have the right to leave your premisis at any time and return visits will be additional to contract, owners and operators of the business must ensure their staff comply with guidlines issued by UK and Scottish Governments where appropriate.

We wish all our customers  and their families to stay safe over this difficult time – Thank you  

We all like a bargain and there are many products available on Internet but not all have UK technical support  as it's not a question of "if my scales break down" it's "when my scales break down". We would remind customers who have purchased equipement from internet sites to carry out due dilligence and ensure calibration / software operation is supported in UK, plus that the application is in line with current legislation..

Modern weighing equipment is can lose its accuracy for a variety of reasons such as shock loading (i.e. portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes, hospitals, vans etc.), or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it and annual calibration would be advised to keep your investment up to date.

Annual calibration of weighing equipment ensures your investment maintains it' accuracy

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Service Update

Service Update

Thanks to our Suppliers in UK and EU for their sup..

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