We all like a bargain and there are many products available on Internet but not all have UK technical support  as it's not a question of "if my scales break down" it's "when my scales break down".

Modern weighing equipment is can lose its accuracy for a variety of reasons such as shock loading (i.e. portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes, hospitals, vans etc.), or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it and annual calibration would be advised to keep your investment up to date.

Weighing Equipment Calibration / Checking - Annual calibration of weighing equipment ensures your investment maintains it' accuracy

What's included in a calibration? - Calibration requires that a series of tests to ensure that the weighing mechanism is not damaged, minor adjustments are made and re-tested

Pre Trest And Post Results Recording Our test certificates include these as standard prior to calibration, commonly referred to "as found" so we can record the condition of the scales initially,

Following this the engineer will carry out adjustments as per the manufacturer’s model specific procedure and brought in line with manufacturers tolerance.

We check and apply calibration labels to all equipment purchased via our website as STANDARD.

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Rental - HEAVY duty Industrial Weigh Beams Platforms for awkward loads

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