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We all like a bargain -  if you see something really cheap - ask why it is cheap -  some questions from recent internet purchased goods - not from us.

  • "Can you re-calibrate my 30Kg x 2g scale on site  I bought on internet, no manufacturers make or service instructions?" - Greenock
  • "I bought a scale you also supply (you said a feature would work) from another internet vendor but he doesen't know how to do it !!" Glasgow
  • "My new internet purchased scale has no SOLAS certificate and requires me to find someone to do it ?" - Glenrothes
  • "My new internet scales are not easy to use, as some the functions are difficult to use ?" Falkirk
  • "I bought a 16Kg x 0.1g scale and sell ground coffee to customers in my shop is it legal - can you just put some stickers on it ?" Renfrewshire
  • "Customer bought an 0.01g balance that doesn't have a spirit level ?" Bo'ness
  • "Market trader bought 3 x shop scales for market stalls on Ebay 40Kg x 2g which were illegal for use in UK." Glasgow
  • "I bought a scale a  year ago that you also supply from a company in the south, they want over £500 for a an engineers visit !! Glasgow
  • "I have to re-calibrate my platform scales (used to weigh 400Kg), but it's  3 Tonne capacity ?" Maybole
  • "Can you convert my Euro scales to work in £ for UK ? Or replace them
  • "I bought a moisture Balance but can you come and train us as we bought it over internet and don't know what to do" Glasgow
  • "I bought a retail labelling scale with trial software, but now it doesent work and cannot get support
  • "I use 0.01g £24 Jewelry scale to buy gold in the back shop, but has no levelling device is it accurate and comply with weights and measures"
  • "Our head office bought scales on line but no one seems to know if they need calibrated or setup as they are out ?" - Stirlingshire
  • "I have taken over a shop and the scales are Ok but how long does the patern approval last as the scales are 10 years old" Irvine
  • " we bought power adaptors off of ebay for £2.99 now our scales dont work and ther is a burning smell" are they still ok to use

I think from above you can see weighing scales can be tricky to buy, so why not give your local servicing weighing company a call first

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