• Radwag PS X2 Range - Multi function  Precision Scales

    The  new PS.X2 series is a touch screen multi function balance has  8 databases which allow the weighing results to be stored printed.

    Weighing Data Management
    The balance includes a USB interface facility quick allows transfer and copying of any results of your work (measurements, reports, databases) to other balances, or used in a management data logging system for convenience from stored information .

  • Packaging
  • Formulas
  • Clients
  • Pipettes
  • ALIBI memory
  • Reports on formulas (up to 200 reports),
  • Reports on density determination (up to 500 reports),
  • Reports on pipettes calibration (up to 500 reports).
    In new PS.X2 series balances the information system is based on 8 databases which allow several users to work with database storing several products. The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.

ALIBI Memory
The X2 series balances feature ALIBI memory that is a warranty for safety and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are available to users as well. The ALIBI memory allows to record up to 500 000 weighment records.
Geographical Limited to Scotland only

Radwag PS X2 Range - Multi function Precision Scales

  • £995.00

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