The OnaveragePlus® is a custom designed "Reference Test" package used for for checking of quantities as detailed in Europe under the legislation (directive 76/211/EEC) for average weight, and is very efficient at detecting inadequate packages in batches including "Warehouse unpack" and "MCB" interlinked modules in one software package.

The software was designed by an Chief trading standards officer to provide a portable easy to use package for use throughout the UK, and all the tests have been incorporated in the latest versions. We supply the complete portable packages including computer balances, cables, and custom carry cases making it very portable compact unit for carrying.

Main Features

Automatic collection of weight from balance  to eliminate errors

Graphical representation of test data and printout for explained to packer no compliance issues

Automatic indication of first or second weighing  i.e Gross Net

Indication of Pass / Fail criteria

Automatic Plausibility check on weights & zero interlock

Manual & re entry of weights if required for using check weher resultsijf available

Automatic Prompt for Tare or Gross weighing

Print out facility for random samples prior to test

Automatic re load of last balance used plus communication settings 

Product & Packer data entry

Automatic storage of incomplete test

Random Sample Generation Time / sample

Automatic Tare determination to determine if mean tare is within legal limits and automatic selection of applicable tests

Re weigh package facility within test routine

Automatic visual audible display of T1 or T2 violations

Sample Pick list by pallet / container / package

Balance results converted to volume

Results compatible with existing versions of Wattsoft / Onaverage / Onaverageplus®  for compliance

Container Breakages facility

Storage, print of all data or Export data to office software or off line storage

Diagnosis for Computer & balance Interfaces

Units & stability checks on Balance to prevent errors

Balance ID / Serial Number and Unique Sequential number printed on Report for traceability

Volume Measurement Re Calculation Feature

Increased accuracy of measurements increased as requested by RD

Darns Sample numbers recall & visually present on Screen

Minimum sample size to 2 as requested by RD

Pass fail Results added screen

Tare determination test result automatically linked to test data input screen

Interface with NEW class II EC verifiable - Multi interval balances 0.1=e,0.01=d.0.02=d,0.05g=d

Additional interfaces are available for a range of manufacturers and these interfaces are still supplied FREE when balances purchased through ourselves.

We recommend using the latest version of OnaveragePlus version 7.0.3 or 8 for both single and multi-user applications.

A NEW OnaveragePlus PDF manual is available for the latest version drop us an email and we'll email a FREE copy.

Portable OnaveragePlus® EC Reference Test Kits

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