The OnaveragePlus® is a custom designed "Reference Test" software solution used by UK Trading Standards Service for checking of quantities as for average weight packers which allows for cost  efficient testing of pre-packaged goods including:

The latest version of OnaveragePlus version  has been re-designed to accommodate in March 2018 for higher accuracy testing results for packers, as requested by BEIS for importers, supermarket, and distribution centres in UK.
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We have also enhanced the Screen test facility to accommodate small packers who have elected to work by the minimum weight regulations,  provide a package which can accommodate both packers’ situations, and allows the test results to be made available in PDF or sent to mobile smartphone devices or emailed.

Features included
    Automatic collection of weight from balance   

    Graphical representation of test data and printout
    Automatic indication of first or second weighing   

    Indicationof Pass / Fail criteria
    Automatic Plausibility  interlock between weighments   

    Manual & re-entry of weights if required
    Automatic Prompt for Tare or Gross weighing  
    Print out or PDF facility for random samples prior to test

    Product & Packer data entry
    Automatic storage of incomplete test   

    Automatically Random Sample items by Time or sample number
    Tare determination with automatic test proceedure selection

    Re weigh package facility within test routine
    Automatic visual &audible display of T1 or T2 violations  
    Warehouse unpack feature for importers / distribution centre
    Enhanced Volumetric measurement calculations
    Volume Measurement Re Calculation Feature
    Compatible with all previous versions of "Wattsoft" test results  
    Container Breakages facility   

    Units & stability checks on Balance to prevent errors
    Diagnosis for Computer &balance Interfaces  
    USB drivers included

OnaveragePlus® EC Reference Packages

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