Scales are initially calibrated at the factory they are made with their local traceable weights of that country, this can be anywhere in the world,  so it's important to test the equipment prior to use due to gravitational influences of the balance being used in a different place to the original calibration.

If you have any queries regarding service can we ask you to download and return the product literature PDF to help us assist you we have a range of service options - by completing and returning the Product literture can help identify your needs

Weighing equipment can lose its accuracy for a variety of reasons such as shock loading (i.e. portable scales used in different locations, such as care homes, hospitals, vans etc.) can cause a change in the reading, or may have "fell off the bench" and no one reported it. Our engineers test, calibrate, all scales purchased through this website.

Budget scales may need calibration more often dependant on usage and storage criteria, and if used for critical control of your process may warrant purchasing a more repeatable product i.e we wouldn't reccomend kitchen scales for factory use, many of which have no spirit level or means of  calibration adjustment.

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