The Cas Cl5500 is is a customisable labelling scale dessigned for retail weigh price labelling or commercial establishments or you may wish to consider industrial units which have more traceability features to help protect your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible & Reliable Network System (Wired/Wireless).

  • Easy Loading Paper Cartridge

  • Memory Capacity: 8,000 Plus & 1,000 Ingredients.

  • Speed Key: 144 PLU Keys (72 Keys X 2 Via Double-Clicking).

  • Supporting Free Label Format Design.

  • High-Speed Thermal Printer (100mm/s).

  • ‘Cartridge Loading Type’ Label Installation.

  • 40 Fixed Format & 20 Customized Format Design.

Network System CL5500-D
- Memory capacity: up to 1,000 plus & 1,000 ingredients
- Speed key: 144 PLU keys (72 keys x 2 via double-clicking)
- Dedicated Programmable entry for FSA data entry Meat source and Customer shipping address ideal fro secondry packing,
- 40 fixed format & 20 customized format design
We reccomend you let us set up the scales for you initially unless you are an expert in setting up these machines

CAS Cl5500 Programmable Thermal Label Printing Scales

  • Brand: Cas
  • Product Code: Cas CL5500 Thermal Labelling Scales
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • £1,495.00

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