The latest generation of "GRAPHIC TOUCH" Touch Screen weight indicators have finally arrived with a number of significant general operational improvements for industrial applications.

The main advantage of these products is the ability to perform routine weighing tasks in the process area, and the ability of the operators to view the results in real time, and recorded on the inbuilt USB weighment log or  reported to the back office via a simple to use data aqusition software.

We have a selection of programs that can be used as standard, or customised to suit your application, enquiries for these products should be made via our on line contact page available via following link Contact page in order that we get some details

  • Interactive Databases all for linking products, customers, and tare databases with manual over-ride via touch screen
  • Connection of a wide range of bases from 1g - 60Kg scales
  •   Screen functions:
    - Multi screens facility simplifies operator display but viewing and editing on second
    - High resolution Colour Display for ease of use
    - Mans and Battery powered units and Backup features available
  • Multi levels totalising of data
  • Selection of visualized data on the graphic LCD display (operator, products and customers
  • Custom label printing including logos, description, price/Kg.
  • Pack date, with automatic best before and use by dates used for up to  3  fields
  • Database with multi - link facility i.e. product linking to tare and customer database speeding up & simplifying process
  • Application modules for Weighing, Totalising, Counting, Average Weight with tare determination features
  • Connection to external precision balances (i.e. 0.1g, 0.0001g ), printers, bar code readers
  • Modular design allows for updates and changes to be internet enabled or via email
  • Computer / tablet  software for simple data reporting functions, via serial, Ethernet, wireless etc

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