Systec Trade Approved EC Average Weighing Systems

The modular design means these units may supplied as stand alone or a customised applications may be added without replacing hardware. Data accumulated can be stored and taken out by USB or connected to high speed Ethernet to electronically produced reports specific to your needs and  thereby save a few thousand trees

The industrial design with the modular hardware and the powerful standard programs make the IT6000E the ideal choice for:

  • Connection to approved balances via RS232 connections, and large platform scales
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Filling of liquid and solid material
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Checkweighing
  • Dynamic weighing and batching systems
  • Mobile data capture systems.

Modular concept 

The modular design provides for a variety of configurations and options, such as:
  • Enclosures for wall-mount, desk-top or panel-mount installation
  • DC or AC power supply
  • Connection of scales with analog or digital force transducers
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface with integrated web server, WLAN as option
  • Integrated USB 2.0 host interface for printer, scanner and USB stick
  • Up to 2 serial interfaces, RS232, RS485, RS422 or 20mA CL, for connection of remote displays, label printers, etc.
  • Analog I/Os, etc.

Weighing electronics

1 or 2 internal scale interfaces possible. Adjustable update rate with up to 800 updates / second. High noise immunity of min. 10V/m against radio frequency interference . W&M approved resolution of up to 6000d with max. 80% preload. Calibration is possible as single or multiple-range (eg 3x3000d) and as multi-interval scale. Internal data archive for the storage of up to 120,000 weighing transactions.

Simple integration

The Linux based operating system with the integrated web server provides the ideal functionality for the integration of the IT6000E into local area networks.
WLAN communication and remote access via internet are also possible.
This ensures that the optimal system configuration can be chosen, for stationary as well as networked installations

PC COM+ is a readily available communication object (also: Active-X / OLE object) for the connection of weighing terminals with ONLINE mode to Windows programs.

In combination with the IT ONLINE program, the functions of the weighing terminal can be remotely controlled, eg read weight, tare scale, display prompt, enter data, etc.

The use of PC COM+ simplifies data exchange between PC program and weighing terminal significantly, because it replaces the otherwise required low-level programming of so-called WinSockets.

Essential features:

  • Connection of up to 30 series IT1000 / IT3000 / IT6000 / IT8000 / IT9000 and IT9000E weighing terminals
  • Communication via serial interface or over Ethernet network, optional Multidrop operation over RS485 network
  • Remote control of complete sequence from PC
W&M approved data archive in combination with PC ARCHIVE software.



Systec Industrial Weighing Systems

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