OnaveragePlus® is a statistical evaluation of mean value calculations, formulas and tables in order to carry out "reference testing" on finished products packed under the 2006 Average Weight Regulations.

In order to compliment the software calculations, we have balance drivers for a range of Class II (0.1e 0.01d) NAWI portable balances, with keyboardd access the calibration and readiability (d) easily.

The OnaveragePlus® software  is suitable for both minimum and average weight & volume testing, additional higher capacity balances interfaces may also be added as required.

The package retains a simple easy to use GUI interface requiring only minimal entries for carrying out a full range of test proceedures, as detailed in  WELMEC 6.1 Guide for packers and importers of ℮-marked prepacked products, including our unique random number generating feature.

In addition to the 9 basic test procedures which requires a minimal amount of entries to implement any of the test proceedures, we also  include as standard a number of time and labour efficient modules which include;

  • Tare determination module which efficiently selects the optimum weighing proceedure to be used
  • Warehouse pick list allowing packages to be checked post packing (i.e. warehouses, packers,supermarket distribution centres etc)
  • MCB testing of preformed containers for the plastic / glass industry
  • Screen test routine for random packages without accept / reject criteria.

Above features apply to OnaveragePlus® versions produced since May 2018 and supercedes all previous issues.

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OnaveragePlus® Average Quantity Software

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