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Service Support

We provide a both field and workshop service repairs,  modern weighing equipment is pretty robust, but a skilled engineer can provide the reassurance that your scales are correct.

Most scales require calibration if your business relies on them being used @ CCP you may consider a better quality unit rather than increasing service frequency. Because of our weighing engineering background experience has shown "buying cheap pay twice "for service is common

We have a Range of service facilities including:

  • Calibration contractswwhich includes Free Technical Telephone  Support
  • Diagnosis and cost effective workshop Repair facilities
  • Configuration of equipment to customer needs
  • Training on use of scales and metrology testing
  • Hire scales to support for in event of breakdowns or for short term re-packaging situations
  • Technical Weighing Services
  • Set up and Calibration checks on New Internet Purchases
We offer a pay as you go system but can be flexible - it could be you only need a few hours to go over your weighing plan or it could be a couple of day to sort out what equipment is suitable for upgrading or testing, and price our service according to the level you are working toward :

Or you would prefer, you can contact us through our mobile  contact form

Service Support Facilities

  • Brand: SDS
  • Product Code: Technical Weighing and Calibration Service
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