• Average / Minimum  weight checking


Indicator for advanced statistical checking applications

Ticket example


  • Zero setting; Gross/Net visualization.
  • Statistical check functions, for internal use or according to legal norms:
    - Statistical check functions selectable as CUSTOMIZED or ACCORDING TO LEGAL NORMS (as provided for by the directive N. 76/211/EEC) with acceptance/refusal criteria of the lot under examination.
    - DESTRUCTIVE or NON DESTRUCTIVE legal control (selectable).
    - Calculation and printing of the lot outcome and of the standard deviation.
    - Quantity check in ml by entering a density coefficient for each article.
    - Management of production lines: one can manage up to 10 products simultaneously on one or more scales (up to 1 scale for each line).
  • Up to 5 independent connectable approved scales, that allow to check with the same weighing system all the weight groups.
  • Selfweighed, presettable tare (direct or calculated), manual or automatic tare; unlocked automatic tare function at the end of weigh operation.
  • Totalization functions:
    - Totalization in loading.
    - Manual or automatic totalization, upon weight stability or only if within tolerante.
    - Totalization and automatic tare execution.
  • 4 levels of totals zeroable and printable in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, total by article.
  • Selection of visualized data on the graphic LCD display (totals, progressives, weight…).
  • Completely configurable keyboard functions according to the customers’ needs.
  • Multifunction weight repeater:
    reception and visualization of the weight from a scale or an external device through serial port, with the possibility to use the received data for all the available functions.
  • 15 configurable and printable text ID`s containing 16 characters, for example: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • Database of 1000 articles with 3 alphanumeric description of 20 characters, density coefficient, nominal weight, three +/- tolerance levels (T1, T2, T3), linked tare.

Average / Minimum weight checking

  • Brand: Dini Argeo
  • Product Code: Touch Screen Systems
  • Availability: 10

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Average / Minimum  weight checking

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