Advanced price computing function with an evolved article management allowing to indicate on the label important information regarding batch,kill dates linked to use by dates

The flexibility of the touch screen units are especially of benefit for packers who have a variaty of if information to put on the label and  configuration together with the large memory storage space, allows to satisfy the most diverse requirements of use.

Software available for industrial price computing applications

We have trained consultants in Glasgow and  Manchester

Extended Description of Features Main Features Price computing functions with over ride function Calculation of amount, with price linkable to the article. Fixed or variable weight functioning. Configurable dual currency management with conversion factor. EAN product code management and checkdigit calculation. Traceability of the product. Seasoning date and expiry date management. Selection of visualized data on the colour graphic LCD display. Completely configurable display functions according to the customers’ needs. Up to 15 configurable and printable text ID`s Database of 1000 Articles with 4 alphanumeric descriptions of 30 characters, Database of 200 Customers with alphanumeric description of 5 lines of 30 characters. Database of 300 Tares; lock/unlock tare function. Selection of Article, Customer, Tare from the database through bar code reader emulating the keyboard.

Touch Screen Modular Scales

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