Heavy Duty  portable Weigh Beams (Pair), with portable digital display powered via re chargeable battery and mains charger

These are heavy duty industrial weigh beams for weighing all sorts of products on a short term basis. The beams are fitted with plugs a nd sockets to facilitate removal of the display and can be easily set up in less than 5 minuits, the display has an internal rechargeable battery and has Zero, Tare buttons .

The operation is quite simple simply place beams on level surface, connect each beam to the display and power up. We reccomend that a pallet is placed on the beams to support the load you wish to weigh to distribute the load evenly

  • Powder coated mild steel fabriction
  • Hand grip on one end with a wheel on the other end
  • IP67 steel load cells
  • Beam width 120mm. 90mm diameter rubber feet
  • Each beam weighs 17.5kg approx

Model Capacity Plate [mm]
WB-M-3T Total Load Cell Capacity 4000Kg 1200 x 140 x 90mm feet

Rental - HEAVY duty Industrial Weigh Beams Platforms for awkward loads

  • Brand: SDS
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