OnaveragePlus®  is a software package to assist  the Trading Standards Departments around the UK for checking of average quantities in a range of EC average weight packages. The system may also be used by a an importer to check his packages that have been packaged by a third party   and keep records of the checks, or he may obtain before the packages leave his possession sufficient evidence to give reasonable grounds for believing that the packages have been packed in accordance with section 1.34 of the UK average weight regulations with the three packers’ rules and keep the evidence electronically.

The software package comes complete on a Netbook is designed to interface with precision balances allowing the results to be recorded and stored,  printed (Including Graphics) or exported in formats such as CSV, RTF and PDF. The main advantage of the software is it's both practical, easy to use.. All results from the tests can be viewed on screen to show the the results both in text and graphical representation without the need to run any other software. These results can then be stored, printed or exported  in a range of outputs such as RTF, CSV, or PDF formats.
The software incorporates a warehouse unpack feature which allows packages to be tested after production or where the packages are in warehouses or on importers. Another feature is the MCB testing features which was re-introduced in 2013 as a requirement to read the weight directly into the program together with allowance for temperature.
We have recently added to our trolly-dolly custom cases the  Ohaus ranger 7000 which is available15Kg x 0.2g /35Kg x 0.5/60Kg x 1g capacities which are compatible with OnaveragePlus®


Current version is 6.1.0

OnaveragePlus ®  is a Registered Trademark of Scale Direct Scotland Ltd.

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OnaveragePlus® EC Reference Test Solutions

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