The OnaveragePlus® is a tried and tested average weight  "Reference Test" software solution for the Trading Standards Service to assisting in checking packers are compliant with the 2016 / 2006 average weight regulations as detailed in EC directive 2014/ 31/ EU. 

Although the original concept of the software was developed 20 years ago by a Chief TSO officer in Cornwall,  with input from TSO, s around the country allowed us over the years been enhanced / upgraded in line with user / technology changes.  The software meets the TSO's user requirements for a time saving, efficient means of recording and checking packages for both EC average weight and minimum weight regulations.

We are pleased to announce that from Version 8 we offer a Multi- User licence versions of the OnAveragePlus©, for smaller borough council TSO's or shared resources partnerships thereby enabling the kits usage be more effectively utilised and cost sharing amongst TSI members or regulatory authorities.

The OnAveragePlus© solution comprises computer, balance plus it's carry case on only weighs 8Kg and  is suitable for both minimum and average weight & volume tests. The package includes our  "SARNS" and "DARNS"  sample routines to eliminate the need for secondary testing (Pass / Fail),  but retains a simple easy to use GUI interface for TSO's requiring only minimal entries for carrying out the tests .

The main design feature of our OnAveragePlus©  program is that all the test information test can be viewed on a single screen including  random Sample selection used for test statistics, withT1 or T2 violations easily identified. This can also be viewed or printed in graphics, which can assists in explaining the results to packers easily.

The software also allows saving of files in text and PDF formats which can be exported to end users devices with Bluetooth devices thereby providing the packer with ability to reconcile errors. We have up dated the screen test facility for a minimum of packages to accommodate small packers thereby extending the software's ability for both average weight and minimum weight packers’ situations.

The latest version of OnaveragePlus® includes volumetric pre-packaged products, and can be supplied in English or French languages for our European customers, for detailed specification and costs please submit details via our online CONTACT FORM

Note: To check your current version load OnaveragePlus® OnaveragePlus and go to "help" tab and check "about OnaveragePlus®” to view version, all enhancements is available upon request. CONTACT

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OnaveragePlus® EC Reference Test Packages to UK DBEIS Standard

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