Wholesale Catering Scales

Tracing products is difficult for wholesale perishable goods being missed with today's stop / start businesses who need to record lots of information record keeping for exporters.

Our latest addition to our weighing terminals include stand alone products use touch screens for simple input by an operator for product, customer, and BATCH information, for each weighment, which is automatically recorded and available via USB or optional back office software for quick and safe recall of products and traceable to every pack labelled accross the scales.

Systems can be supplied to automatically record the information which can include batch,reference,operator,product,customer time and date plus up to 10 fixed or variables per weighment.

The stand alone systems can work with label printers or not, but produce electronic records on a USB spreadsheet for shipping documentation.

Main Features;

  • Product database (10000) plus grouping facility for simplifying product selection.
  • Print out of Weight, Products, Use by dates, Customer, Batch Reference, Origin, cut in etc.
  • Label printing facilities
  • Traceability options and direct linking to USB or PC software available
  • Global Label and individual customer specific labels
  • Re labelling facility for replacing damaged packages
  • Security functions limit operator access and data logging.
  • Weighment log for traceability options.
  • Linked products and Customer minimising errors
  • Edit / Export / Import / Backup databases via USB pen drive using Excel files or using built in touch screen keyboard
  • Optional management software for data via  USB, Ethernet, Wireless

We build these to order and can demonstrate all of above features prior to order even importing your data to make sure it meets your requirements.

Touch Screen Bench Scales £POA

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