Our modular Industrial  labelling scales are designed to facilitate customer specific logo's, counting and customers order information, prices,ingredients, ,storage instructions, automatic date calculations, QR, and Barcode information. - pew that a lot of information and use only 3 touch screen buttons to select !!!

We have a range of functions availabel dependant on products available and application.

  • Secure automatic date calculations for pack date and use by.
  • Custom Print out of customer name address on labels
  • External Printer for labels up to 150mm x 150mm
  • Traceability options and direct linking to USB or PC software available
  • Checkweighing features with automatic recording to on board memory with optional wi fi back office software

  • Special date feature for packing cheeses and Beef / chicken dates for meat processors and contract catering establishment
  • Global Label and individual customer specific labels
  • Re labelling facility for replacing damaged packages returned by driver
  • Security functions limit operator access
  • Linked Tare and Customer fields for repeated weighments
  • Optional management data via  Ethernet, Wireless modules
  • Modular software options for backing up  information and editing in standard microsoft programs

Due to the flexibility we recommend you download the product literature and get it returned to our consultants

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Touch Screen Scales

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