The Cas Cl5500 is is a customisable labelling scale dessigned for retail weigh price labelling or commercial establishments or you may wish to consider industrial units which have more traceability features to help protect your business.

The scales have 45 pre foramtted label designs and 20 custom design format we can do for you, These range from 60mm broad up to 120mm in length.

In addision the scales have the ability to include ingredients, alergens, pack dates with up to 3 automatic  date calculations. Additionally the scales have 4 programmable function keys which enable easy changes to information such as traceability or supplier reference that need to be printed on the labels.

The multi-label feature allows duplicate labels to be produced for non weighed items and is much easier to use than some of the computer based systems we have seen, and 50% cheaper.

The dual range feature ensures you can weigh low value and higher value products with a greater accuaracy minimising give away.

All of the data can be inputed from the scale withou a computer, with the option of the purchase of our Wireless module kit  allows large changes to be made more efficiently.

Feature & Benefits

  • Easy Loading Paper Cartridge

  • Memory Capacity: 8,000 Plus & 1,000 Ingredients.

  • Speed Key: 144 PLU Keys (72 Keys X 2 Via Double-Clicking).

  • Supporting Free Label Format Design.

  • High-Speed Thermal Printer (100mm/s).

  • ‘Cartridge Loading Type’ Label Installation.

  • 40 Fixed Format & 20 Customized Format Design.

    This product excludes setup / configuration fees dependant on your ability to program, we reccomend contacting us for advise prior to order, We strongly reccomend you let us set up the scales for you initially unless you are an expert in setting up these machines.

CAS Cl5500 Retail Labelling Printing Scales

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  • Product Code: Cas CL5500 Thermal Labelling Scales
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